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It is not easy to get a free social promotion for your website. If you are owner of an online business, you probably spend a lot of your time promoting your blog or website on social networking sites. Getting more Facebook likes/shares, Twitter tweets/retweets, +1´s/shares on Google+, Pinterest likes/repins etc., means more online reputation and visibility for your brand. Apart from this, Google likes websites with a big social impact; for this reason, your website can achieve a better position in search results, which means more clients, followers or subscribers for your online business.

How to get more social interaction for free is a free social promotion website. As a registered user, you can boost your views on YouTube, plays on SoundCloud, likes, shares, tweets/retweets, pins/repins and much more.

Learn how it works

The idea of social promotion on AddMeFast is really simple, based on points: you can earn points for free by interacting with other user´s websites/profiles and exchange these points for social interactions on your own websites, made by other users.

Other ways of earning points

If you don´t want to waste your time by clicking bottons or viewing videos, you can either buy points or earn them by refering your friends to You earn 300 points for each user you refer.

Tips and tricks to get more from

Create an alternative account

Your Facebook friends or Twitter followers might be surprised by so much likes/retweets you´re making… For likes or retweets just create a new account using an alternative email and then login to it to earn points. Also keep in mind than many users on also use alternative accounts, so that the social interaccions you receive are not so „real“. But you still get hundreds or thousands interactions, which is good for your online reputation and search engines results.

Use YouTube views or SoundCloud plays to earn points

Is much easier and quicker to use video views or audio plays instead of clicking like bottons, you just play a song or video and can do something else. Another advantage is that you don´t need to use your own account for earning points, you just press the play botton and get points for them.

Use a separate browser for earning points

If multitasking, use another internet browser exclusively for Why? website sometimes causes problems or even logouts from other accounts if you use it simultaneously with other tasks in the same browser. For instance, simply use Internet Explorer (on PC) or Safari (on Mac) for your common tasks and Firefox/Google Chrome/Opera for

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